How Home Movie Therapy works?

First of all the heart and soul of my revolutionary therapy approach is connected directly to the perspective of positive psychologists, mainstream psychology had long been enamored of the dark side of human existence, hardly ever exploring a more positive view of the mind. "Psychologists rarely think much about what makes people happy. They focus instead on what makes them sad, on what makes them anxious. That is why psychology journals have published 45,000 articles in the last 30 years on depression, but only 400 on joy. Joy is not covered by insurance, nor does it lead to tenure." (International Herald Tribune, May 4, 1998.) My approach is to focus on Joy and Happiness! One aspect of most movies and personal home movies is that they serve as allegories, in much the same way as stories, myths, jokes, dreams which can all be utilized in therapy.

"The cognitive effect of cinema therapy can be explained through recent theories of learning and creativity, which suggest that we have seven "intelligences". The more of these intelligences we access, the faster we learn because they employ different methods of information processing. Watching movies can engage all seven of them: the logical (plot), the linguistic (dialogs), the visual-spatial (pictures, colors, symbols), the musical (sounds and music), the interpersonal (storytelling), the kinesthetic (moving), and the intra-psychic (inner guidance)." - by Birgit Wolz, PhD, MFT

Like hypnotherapy and dream work, cinema therapy and specifically HMT will allow us to gain awareness of our deeper layers of subconsciousness to help us move toward a better perception of our true self. When we watch big cinema movies we can study characters, who are "different" and unlikable can guide to our true self and our potential. This way, watching Hollywood movies or self made movies can help us learn to understand ourselves, to better organize our though pattern and to potentially even change the way we see and perceive our true identity. 

Other reasons why HMT is so effective:

1) Human Nature - all human beings naturally desire the good, which is happiness. The highest faculty of a human being is the ability to reason. Through reason humans, unlike animals, can examine things beyond the material and sensible level and can reach conclusions about the nature of things. Human beings have the ability to choose their actions freely, an ability which is a prerequisite for morality. The end or goal of human life can be discovered through a rational analysis of human nature by examining the highest faculties of a human being. The best life for a human being is one which is in accord with a person's highest ability, which is reason. Human beings are also social by nature, as shown by the natural desire for friendship and by the ability of human beings to speak and communicate with others ~ Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

2) Faith - is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion ( How to Develop Faith). It is a process that can be learned in individual therapy. 

3) Self-Confidence Formula - believe it or not, there is a formula that can be learned to build self-confidence.