April 22, 2016

How HMT Can Help you?

Home Movie Therapy (HMT) can help a person in variety of ways. Unlike traditional therapy there is no limit for how long a person can participate in HMT. In the beginning it is advised to see HMT licensed professional, but the goal is to stay positive and healthy for the rest of your life and that requires continues shift in thinking and restructuring of negative emotions and letting go of false beliefs. It is life long process using this process a person will maintain healthy belief system and healthy brain functioning on day-to-day basis for the rest of their emotionally happy life.

There are no sort cuts in life. Like enough hydration well balanced diet and moderate amount of exercises are all needed to keep a person healthy physically. Mental rebooting and though restructuring is very important technique for a person to stay emotionally healthy. Positive thinking is a root of HMT. Together we can re-shape your mind, in turn your beliefs and your actions! 

Stay physically and emotionally healthy my friends!

Much love,

Julia Gekhter, LSW

Home Movie Therapy, 2016

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