Personal Bio: Julia Gekhter is an aspiring therapist with Master’s degree in social work. She graduated with MSW from Jane Addams College of Social Work in May, 2013. During her last year of MSW program she started to help her husband with his media preservation business, during the time she worked with her husband, Julia came up with a revolutionary new approach to therapy, which she named Home Movie Therapy. Home Movie Therapy (HMT) incorporates home movies, photos, slides or any other meaningful objects or memorabilia to the clients to go back to the past and explore traumatic experiences, increase self-awareness and potentially improve interpersonal relationships.

“Cinema therapy has been used to view big screen movies for therapeutic and healing purposes for over 20 years now. Home Movie Therapy (HMT) has similar potential using personal media to reflect on personal memories!"
— Julia Gekhter, LSW